Successful autistic people: Satoshi Tajiri and Asperger Syndrome

Autism is just another obstacle in life.

I always have and always will continue to advocate that autism does not mean limitations. There are countless stories of autistic individuals building successful lives and careers. The key element with autistic individuals is to find their niche. Do not force anything on them they do not want to do. If they enjoy reading encyclopedias, then let them read away. It’s a comfort for them. An escape into their own world, which they need from time to time.

Some of the most famous people in history have been speculated to be autistic.

Like everyone else, autistic people have their own special interests and passions. I’m sure most of you are familiar with the product Pokemon. Created in 1996, it’s creator, Satoshi Tajiri, came up with the idea from his childhood hobby of collecting bugs. Tajiri was also an avid video game player in high school. His constant play would ultimately pay off. The Pokemon game series has sold more than 200 million copies. Only the Super Mario game franchise has sold more. 

To create and work at this concept, Tajiri had to have a brilliant mind, right? Well he does. *Tajiri has a form of autism called asperger syndrome. Because he is autistic, Tajiri’s mind is much different in comparison to our average human brain. Our brains process about 13 to 30 cycles of brain wave energy per second. Individuals with autism far surpass that. Their brains can process up to 250,000 cycles of brain wave energy per second. Quite remarkable, eh? 

(*I should note that Asperger Syndrome is not the same as autism. It is very similar. Asperger syndrome was originally seen as high-functioning autism before being recognized as it’s own disorder separate from autism)

Asperger syndrome is a high-functioning form of autism. His peers have described him as incredibly creative but “eccentric” and “reclusive.” These are common to those with aspergers. While they are high-functioning, social interaction is difficult for them. Despite these obstacles, Tajiri has not let it affect him. He found his passion in life and made an incredibly successful career out of it. 



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